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The Great Migration or the Thousand and One Arabian Nights, which includes Travel to Khaybar in relation to Abu Dhabi, Tajikistan is not as well-known to American tourists. This article will help you learn more about this ancient desert. You can read more about Travel to Khaybar through the invaluable website of bin Said Institute of Islamic Art. The institute is run by Prof. Dr. Ghaziuddin Ahmed, a well-respected Moroccan scholar.

According to popular belief, Travel to Khaybar was initiated by Abu Muhammad (SAW), the Prophet’s son-in-law, who along with his brother Muzahid, had to leave their home and travel to Mecca for the Hajj. While on their journey, they had to carry out many customs that would shorten the Hajj: they would shorten the Shahadah prayer, fast for the day and visit the Ka’ba at Madinat Jumeriah. The Migration also marked the establishment of Islam in Mecca. It would be at this point that Abu Muhammad would start to shorten the Shahadah prayer to shorten the migration and make the Hajj less lengthy. However, according to scholars, it would shorten the Hajj only by twenty minutes.

After the Migration, according to numerous hadith narrations, Abu Muhammad started to shorten the Shahadah again to encourage the Muslims to migrate to Mecca once again. He had started to shorten the Shahadah by two minutes in A.D. and continued to do so until he reached Khaybar. This tradition carried over into modern times and today, whenever a Muslim leader addresses the gathered followers and congregates, he would shorten the prayer by at least one whole minute to emphasize the need to migrate to the Holy Land once again.


The first authoritative source to tell about the fifth century hijriya was the work of Hadith, a book written by Muqarbi al-Rabi, known as Abu Yasa. This hadith book is one of the most authentic ones and its authenticity is certified by more than a hundred exegetes. In his book, hadith Qasa hadith, or Book of Healing, he had enumerated the names and attributes of all the messengers and verses of the Quran that contained hadith, with the exception of a few. The authors of this book included Abu Yasa and Tabari, who are two of the most famous and prolific exegetes. As mentioned above, they both included faith in their works.

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The second narration that I had learnt to travel to Khaybar is related to me from Ibn Shihab who is a hadith expert. He had mentioned the name of a man called Salim who had left for the Hajj and when he reached Mecca, he had remained there for eleven months without leaving behind anything. When he returned, he stayed in a caravan and went to Medina. There he met Ubaidah and told him what had happened.

The third narration is related to me from the book of “Ibraheem al-Sakhrah” by Muhammed al Bukhari. This book is considered to be the best book in relation to Muslims and hadith. You will learn how to perform Salat, how to make tawakha, how to go for retreats, how to give Zakat, how to fast, and many more. This book is essential for anyone travelling to Mecca and anyone who want to know how to pray and need to know Salat.


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